This paper is a feasibility study of the radial inflow compressor. The goal was to study theoretically the flow in such a compressor. The blade loadings have been computed for various pressure ratios and the optimum loading is presented. The rotor efficiency of such a compressor is lower than that encountered in a similar pressure ratio radial outflow impeller. The efficiency in the diffuser is slightly higher for the radial inflow compressor, with an axial relative flow discharge. This combination leads to an efficiency between 70 to 75 percent for a 3:1 pressure ratio compressor stage. This agrees favorably with two-stage radial outlfow compressor in which the two compressors are close together for axial compactness. Thus the radial inflow configuration could give comparable efficiencies when paired with a radial outlfow compressor and more axial compactness. This makes the radial inflow compressor worth considering for use in small auxiliary power units.

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