The LM2500 is a Marine and Industrial gas turbine derived from the TF39 engine built for the USAF C5A transport. As such it operates as a core engine without the high bypass fan supercharging effect. The combustor for the LM2500 is an annular combustor developed for use with marine and industrial fuels including natural gas and heavy distillates. This paper relates the development of this combustor including some of the design criteria, the fuel properties and some of the combustor performance results such as exit gas temperature patterns, ignition, pressure loss, and efficiency. The engine combustor operates with a clear smokeless stack utilizing heavy distillate fuels and is free of carbon formation. Fuel properties and atomization properties are related to exhaust smoke. Investigations have included a wide range of fuels and several fuel injector designs. The engine has operated in GTS Adm. Wm. M. Callaghan for a total of more than 10,000 hrs with no combustor problems, smoke, carbon, life or otherwise.

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