A gas turbine generator set intended for use as an emergency power source has been evaluated and tested using a computer controlled data acquisition and processing system. At 1-sec intervals during startup, transducer devices monitor such items as turbine inlet temperature, compressor discharge pressure and speed. While operating under normal or steady-state conditions, a total of 65 parameters are logged at 5-min intervals. In addition, power, specific fuel consumption and efficiency are calculated every 5 min. Computer output is in engineering units (deg F, psi, cfm, etc.). The computer programming language is structured with Fortran-like arithmetic and formatting capabilities. Analog-to-digital conversion is accomplished by an integrating digital voltmeter and switching via a 200-channel reed relay scanner. Two teletypewriters, a programmable clock, and 64,000 words of disk storage comprise the rest of the major hardware. For this project 4096 words of computer core were implemented. A turbine development program conducted with this computerized data system can be completed by a single appropriately trained individual in approximately half the time required by a team of three or four using conventional data gathering methods.

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