Trans-Arabian Pipe Line Company and the Arabian American Oil Company have installed a group of portable auxiliary pumping units at intermediate locations on the crude-oil pipeline across Arabia to the Mediterranean. The units are powered by 5000-hp General Electric gas turbines burning crude oil for fuel and are controlled by radio from upstream pump stations. Operating experience between 1957 and September 1959 indicates that the design promise of 80 per cent operating factor was conservative. Intensive effort has been applied to overcome mechanical faults, crude-oil combustion problems, and control instability. Major problems are discussed in detail with a description of the methods and facilities used to reduce the effect on operating reliability and maintenance expense. The paper briefly discusses development work now in progress which is expected to smooth out seasonal capacity fluctuations and possibly result in a substantial increase over design rating. Since much of the development work is still in progress, it is the intent of this paper to review the operation of the subject pumping units to date. It is intended that a paper to follow this one at a future date will report in more detail the operating experience as a result of the work now being done.

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