During fast gas-turbine engine acceleration and deceleration the transient vibration effects in bladed disk vibration become significant and the transient response has to be calculated.

In this paper an effective method is developed for efficient calculations of the transient vibration response for mistuned bladed disks under varying rotation speeds. The method uses the large-scale finite element modelling of the bladed disks allowing the accurate description of the dynamic properties of the mistuned bladed disks.

The effects of the varying rotation speed on the natural frequencies and mode shapes of a mistuned bladed disk and its effects on the amplitude and the spectral composition of the loading are considered. The dependency of the modal characteristics on the rotation speed are based on the evaluation of these characteristics at reference points followed by the interpolation to obtain values at any rotation speed from the operating range.

A new method has been developed for the interpolation of mode shapes while preserving the orthogonality and mass-normalization of the mode shapes. The method of mode shape interpolation is elaborated for tuned and mistuned bladed disks. The accuracy and efficiency of the method is demonstrated on test examples and on analysis of transient forced response of realistic bladed discs.

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