This paper proposed an alternating elliptical film hole for gas turbine blade to restrain kidney vortex and enhance film cooling effectiveness, based on the multi-longitudinal vortexes generated in alternating elliptical tube. The detailed flow structures in film hole delivering tube and out of the film hole, adiabatic film cooling effectiveness distributions as well as the total pressure loss coefficient were investigated. The delivering tube of alternating elliptical film hole consists of two straight sections and a transition section. In the straight sections, the cross section of the film hole is elliptical, and in the transition section, along flow direction, the major axis gradually shortened into the minor axis, and the minor axis gradually expanded to the major axis. But, the cross-section area of the film hole kept constant.

Numerical simulations were performed by using 3D steady flow solver of Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations (RANS) with the SST k-ω turbulence model. To reveal the mechanism of kidney vortex suppression and film cooling effectiveness enhancement, the simulation results were compared with the cylindrical film hole set as the baseline at different mass flow ratios (MFR). Besides, the aerodynamic characteristics of these two kinds of film holes were also investigated. The results showed that obvious jet effect could be found in the cylindrical film hole, and the coolant mainly flowed along the upper wind wall, then interacted with the main flow, forming a strong kidney vortex after flowing out, which made the coolant to lift away from the wall surface and reduced the cooling effectiveness. The alternating elliptical film hole had a good inhibition impact on the jet effect in the hole due to the longitudinal vortices, which made the film adhere to the wall surface better after the coolant flowed out. The longitudinal vortices generated by alternating elliptical film hole have the opposite rotation direction to the vorticity of the kidney vortices, thus the kidney vortices were restrained to a certain extent. The height of kidney vortices is lower, and the size of kidney vortices is also smaller. As a result, the film cooling effectiveness of alternating elliptical film hole is distinctly higher than that of the cylindrical film hole, and the enhancement effect is more significant at higher mass flow ratio. In addition, the total pressure loss coefficient of alternating elliptical film hole is only slightly higher than the cylindrical film hole at the mass flow ratio of 1%, 2% and 3%, and is even lower at the mass flow ratio of 4%, thus inducing an excellent comprehensive performance.

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