For over forty years, coatings have been used as a means to prevent the build-up of foulants on the flow passages of centrifugal compressors. In general, this has been a “One Size Fits All” solution, with most OEMs and applicators offering nearly identical coating systems, despite the fact that there are distinct differences in the types of foulant that occurs in different services. To develop new coatings, there are two options, test “on the job” or test in a laboratory setting. This paper looks at various test methods to evaluate coatings by isolating the important aspects that a good fouling resistant coating should possess, namely fouling, erosion, and corrosion resistance. Each of these will be investigated separately in a battery of easy to perform tests. To the extent possible, the tests for each aspect attempt to replicate the complex conditions that occur in a centrifugal compressor that impact that specific aspect. The fouling and corrosion tests were performed with considerations for two different types of service. To illustrate the ability of the test to evaluate various coatings, the results from three different coatings will be discussed. These test methods will also be compared to other test methods used in literature.

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