With a special focus on the industrial feasibility and the manufacturability, a recently proposed novel approach to centrifugal impeller blade inclination is adopted and investigated through extensive CFD analysis. The fan blades, originally aligned perpendicular to the impeller backplate, are inclined in either forward or backward direction. For the presented study, an industrially proven fan design is chosen for testing. Compared to the original design, the inclined fan blades possess an increased total blade area and at the same time providing variable inflow angles at the leading edges of the blades. These two factors are expected to alter the fan characteristic curves in providing an increased range of optimum performance while maintaining high aerodynamic efficiency. The results obtained show a clear trend in aerodynamic performance with the degree of inclination, where the characteristic curves rotate at about the design point, allowing local improvements either at overload conditions or part-load conditions of the fan. Moreover, the trends obtained show the tendency to agree well with the rudimentary models published in previous studies, even though it appears to be affected by the fan volute and the point of operation as well.

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