The investigated generic configuration consists of cylindrical film cooling holes with a diameter of D = 8.4 mm and an inclination angle of α = 35°. The jets are characterized by a momentum flux ratio of I = 0.63, a density ratio of DR = 0.94 and a cross-flow Reynolds number of Re = 5500. Stereoscopic PIV allows creating a (pseudo) three dimensional image of the flow field. High resolution PIV is used to evaluate velocity fluctuations. The numerical model uses the SST and an EARSM turbulence model. The turbulent scalar fluxes are computed by a constant turbulent Prandtl number as well as algebraic models for the turbulent heat flux. The presented results consist of field cuts and line profiles of the velocity, vorticity and turbulent kinetic energy. All considered numerical options can predict the velocity field accurately, the SST turbulence model is the numerically most stable model and has the lowest demands in computational costs.

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