The current paper presents an extension of the fuel flexibility of the Siemens SGT-300 Dry Low Emissions combustion system to include High Calorific Value fuels, achieved using the engine’s current standard combustion hardware.

Results from high pressure rig tests show that the standard SGT-300 DLE combustor can reliably operate on High Calorific Value fuels with temperature corrected Wobbe Index up to 63MJ/m3, which corresponds to Grade A LPG (60%vol. C3H8, 40%vol. C4H10). Metal temperatures of the combustion hardware when operating on High Calorific Value fuels are within life acceptance criteria for the Siemens SGT-300 industrial gas turbine. NOx emissions throughout the load range of the engine comply with the EU Industrial Emissions Directive. At part load, a reduced requirement for piloting compared to Natural Gas yields relatively low temperatures at the burner face and low NOx emissions. NOx emissions at full load, which tend to increase with increasing heating value, are higher than for Natural Gas but lower than for diesel and heavy fuel oils.

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