In this paper, we detail the development and goals of a brand new turboshaft engine called BEARCAT. “BEARCAT” is an acronyme for ‘’Banc d’Essai Avancé pour la Recherche en Combustion et Aérothermique des Turbomachines’’. BEARCAT is based on a MAKILA engine, a turboshaft developed by Safran Helicopter Engines (formerly Turboméca) and powering the H215 (2 Makila 1A1, 1820 SHP each) and the H225 (2 Makila 2A1, 2000 SHP each) of Airbus Helicopters. BEARCAT is developed by SAFRAN-Tech, the Research and Technology Center of the SAFRAN Group. This test engine is devoted to the fine characterization of aero-thermal phenomena occurring within the combustion chamber and the High Pressure Turbine as well as their interactions. Therefore, BEARCAT differs from a standard test engine by the implementation of metrologies inside the combustion chamber and the 2-stage High Pressure Turbine, in order to perform both steady and non-steady flow measurements which will be used to validate CFD codes and models. The engine instrumentation induces thorough modifications of several engine parts and also the development of original technical solutions to ensure metrologies integration in minimizing their impact on performances.

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