This study aims to establish near wall resolution requirements for wall-resolved Large Eddy Simulations (LES) using the Flux Reconstruction / Correction Procedure via Reconstruction (FR/CPR) method. The FR/CPR method is relatively new and its numerical capabilities for LES are not well established. A high-order unstructured LES solver (GENESIS) based on the FR/CPR approach is used to study two canonical near wall turbulent flow problems. The first problem concerns spatial development of a turbulent flat plate boundary layer. The grid resolution requirement for various polynomial orders is established and the skin-friction and near wall turbulence is compared to theory and Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) results. The second problem studied is the two-dimensional wall film case of Kacker and Whitelaw (1968, 1969). This is a thermal mixing problem consisting of a two-dimensional jet for various mass flow ratios and plate thicknesses. This study focuses on one of the cases from this data set, corresponding to a thick plate. Well resolved LES simulations show an excellent agreement with measured adiabatic film effectiveness. The effect of polynomial order and grid resolution is investigated and near wall resolution requirements are established.

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