Rotating stall is a natural limit to the stable operating range of compressors due to the inverse pressure gradient of viscous gas. Effective prediction of compressor stall boundary is an important guarantee for the successful development of aeroengine. In this paper, a three-dimensional unsteady through-flow model based on body force theory is developed to reflect the dynamic stall process of multistage axial compressors with acceptable computational costs. The influence of blade geometric parameters is fully considered in blade force source terms. The source terms are related to the attack angle and Mach number of the blade inlet using the deviation angle and loss model in the through-flow theory. Meanwhile, the temporal lag response of the source terms to the upstream flow conditions is taken into account. Therefore, it can be utilized for predicting the off-design performance and rotating stall characteristics of multistage axial compressors. The developed model is validated on a two-stage low-speed axial compressor. The calculated performance line and stall cell speed are in agreement with the experimental results. The unsteady flow behavior of the compressor during stall is presented by the model. The results indicate that the developed model has the potential to be applied to the preliminary evaluation of compressor stability in design stage.

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