This paper is devoted to the study of the nonlinear harmonic response of an industrial blade model subjected to large geometrical deflection. A reduction procedure is performed on the blade model using the linear normal modes of the structure. Geometrical nonlinear effects are taken into account by considering cubic and quadratic stiffnesses in the dynamical reduced model. Reduced nonlinear stiffness coefficients are computed with the STiffness Evaluation Procedure (STEP) and periodic solutions are sought using the Harmonic Balance Method (HBM) coupled to a pseudo-arclength continuation. Along with the harmonic response, a bifurcation analysis is performed to compute both turning and branching points. Specific attention is paid to the internal resonance phenomenon. 2 to 1 internal resonance occurred during the frequency response analysis close to the first and second modes of the reduced model. Mode coupling phenomena occurred during the harmonic analysis and secondary branches of solutions were obtained from branching point bifurcations.

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