In the present work reduced order models (ROM) that are independent from the full order finite element models (FOM) considering geometrical non linearities are developed and applied to the dynamic study of a fan. The structure is considered to present nonlinear vibrations around the pre-stressed equilibrium induced by rotation enhancing the classical linearised approach. The reduced nonlinear forces are represented by a polynomial expansion obtained by the Stiffness Evaluation Procedure (STEP) and then corrected by means of a Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD) that filters the full order nonlinear forces (StepC ROM). The Linear Normal Modes (LNM) and Craig-Bampton (C-B) type reduced basis are considered here. The latter are parametrised with respect to the rotating velocity. The periodic solutions obtained with the StepC ROM are in good agreement with the solutions of the FOM and are more accurate than the linearised ROM solutions and the STEP ROM. The proposed StepC ROM provides the best compromise between accuracy and time consumption of the ROM.

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