An advanced unsteady multi-hole pressure probe is developed in cooperation between the Chair of Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics of the Technical University of Munich, the probe manufacturer Vectoflow GmbH and the sensor producer fos4X GmbH. The application of additive manufacturing enables a wide variation in probe geometries. The spatial characteristics of the unsteady probe are determined in the aerodynamic calibration in a known steady uniform jet. Furthermore, the acoustic system inside the channels of the probe is investigated experimentally in the dynamic calibration. Both aerodynamic and dynamic calibration ensure an accurate reconstruction of the velocity components. Measurements of the near wake of a circular cylinder have been recorded with the unsteady probe and compared to data from the literature and corresponding hotwire anemometry measurements. Further improvements to enhance the range of applications of the probe have been initiated: This includes the miniaturization of the probe. Moreover, an unsteady differential fiber-optic sensor and its optic and passive measurement principle are introduced which shall improve the main dynamic specifications of the probe. By combining the additive manufactured pressure probe design and the novel fiber-optic sensor, more accurate measurements of high frequency flow phenomena are expected.

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