The present study experimentally investigates adiabatic film cooling effectiveness for high performance flow auxetic geometries (S-Slot and Ellipsoid). Both geometries are auxetic structures that were designed around a Negative Poisson Ratio (NPR). Manufactured NPR combustion liners offer higher quality fracture resistance [1] and high energy absorption [2]. Film cooling effectiveness results for test geometries were non-dimensionalized by a baseline case of circular inline orifices. Non-intrusive pressure sensitive paint (PSP) technique was utilized to obtain local surface pressure gradients for each experimental geometry. Adiabatic film cooling effectiveness measurements were tested for multiple blowing ratios (BR) ranging between 0.05–1.15. Three plate configurations were studied with void inclination angles of 0 degrees. Analyses demonstrate that blowing ratios of 0.5 and 0.75 are optimal for S-slot adiabatic effectiveness. Film cooling results for the Ellipse configuration show increasing effectiveness up to an optimal blowing ratio of 0.5, and decreases as BR is increased beyond that. Additional experiments were performed by keeping the differential pressure across the plates constant. Results indicate that the S-slot provides optimum film cooling effectiveness while the differential pressure conserved in comparison to Ellipses and Circles.

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