Pressure surface film cooling from discrete holes can often be challenging due to higher than optimum coolant to surface pressure ratios, effects of high levels of flow field turbulence, and the potential for clogging. Double wall cooling methods can be designed to collect spent cooling air and distribute the film cooling downstream through a slot. Incremental impingement is a new internal cooling method designed for cooling the leading edge region and pressure surface. Internally, incremental impingement includes high solidity pedestals to conduct heat and transmit thermal stresses due to temperature variations between cold and hot side surfaces. Subsequently, the flow is collected downstream from the last row of pedestals and discharged through a slot. Experimental and computational research from mesh slots, which have dense arrays of pedestals upstream from the discharge, and slots downstream from high solidity pedestal arrays have shown that turbulence and vorticity generated inside a film cooling plenum can have a significant impact on downstream film cooling. This impact of plenum flow disturbances is in addition to the film cooling dissipation caused by external flow field turbulence. Incremental impingement, in addition to high solidity pedestals, has impingement jets integrated behind the last row of pedestals which may cause further disruption to the film discharge and flow field interaction. The present measurements document the film cooling effectiveness distributions downstream from a slot located at 62% arc along the pressure surface of a vane. The plenum has been designed to include high solidity pedestals and impingement jets consistent with an incremental impingement geometry. Blowing ratios of 0.4, 0.7 and 1.0 have been investigated at vane exit chord Reynolds numbers of 500,000, 1,000,000 and 2,000,000 at density ratios a little over 1. These conditions have been run at 5 independent turbulence levels ranging from 0.7% to over 17%. The results provide a consistent picture of pressure surface slot film cooling downstream from incremental impingement.

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