The swirl distortion of a StreamVane™ was investigated in the NASA Glenn Research Center W8 test facility. The StreamVane™ was designed and generated by Virginia Tech based on CFD simulations and included a center body at the aerodynamic interface plane. The swirl pattern generated by the distortion was evaluated using a dense grid of 5-hole Pitot probe measurements captured using a rotating array of probes. Good agreement was found between the design intent and the results at 38.5 kg/s mass flow. The StreamVane™ swirl results were compared to clean facility flow at 5 inlet mass flows and found to be consistent. Additionally, the axial location of the StreamVane™ relative to the measurement plane was investigated to determine the impact on downstream total pressure loss generated by the vanes. The intent of this work was to assess the viability of using a StreamVane™ to generate a Type I or Type II distortion into a Boundary Layer Ingesting propulsor to assess its aerodynamic performance and aeromechanic response.

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