This paper presents a simple but complete design method to obtain arbitrary vortex design tube-axial fans starting from fixed size and rotational speed. The method couples the preliminary design method previously suggested by the authors ago with an original revised version of well-known blade design methods taken from the literature. The aim of this work is to verify the effectiveness of the method in obtaining high efficiency industrial fans. To this end, the method has been applied to a 315mm rotor-only tube-axial fan having the same size and rotational speed, and a slightly higher flow rate coefficient, as another prototype previously designed by the authors, which was demonstrated experimentally to noticeably increase the pressure coefficient of an actual 560mm industrial fan. In contrast, no constraints are imposed on the hub-to-tip ratio and pressure coefficient. The new design features a hub-to-tip ratio equal to 0.28 and radially stacked blades with aerodynamic load distribution corresponding to a roughly constant swirl at rotor exit. The ISO-5801 experimental tests showed a fan efficiency equal to 0.68, which is 6% higher than that of the previous prototype. The pressure coefficient is lower, but still 12% higher than that of the benchmark 560mm industrial fan.

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