The multidisciplinary performance of a bypass jet propulsion engine is investigated and simulated in this paper by using the pseudo bond graph approach. This theory is applied in the in-house software tool ASTOR (AircraftEngine Simulation of Transient Operation Research) to simulate the different operating points and the system dynamics in transient load cases with high accuracy.

In this paper, the modulation of the V2500-A1 turbofan jet engine in the pseudo bond graph notation is described in detail. The thermodynamic cycle of a steady-state operating point is calculated and a transient load case is investigated to simulate the system performance. The results correspond with the data from a commercial software and with literature. However, some significant discrepancies are detected, which can be explained by the current model simplification.

In a nutshell, ASTOR is able to simulate the dynamic performance of the overall system and can be used to improve the process of the construction or regeneration of a complex capital good such as a jet engine.

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