Badak LNG Plant Bontang have succeeded in mixing different brands of turbomachinery lube oil ISO VG32 which intended to increase flexibility of lube oil usage and eliminate to one brand dependency during operational. The methodology referred to ASTM D7155 Standard Practice for Evaluating Compatibility of Mixtures of Turbine Lubricating Oils and ASTM D4378 Standard Practice for In-Service Monitoring of Mineral Turbine Oils for Steam, Gas and Combined Cycle Turbines. The study was started from lube oil compatibility test at laboratory. After that, a ratio 70:30 of ISO VG32 existing lube oil (DTE Light) and new lube oil (Turbolube XT32) were mixed and trialed to Fuel Gas Compressor and its Turbine Driver. Lube oil and equipment operating parameter such as viscosity, color, water content, total acid number, foaming tendency, oxidation, metal content, flash point, bearing temperature, filter differential pressure, and vibration were collected and compared to baseline data to analyze deterioration indication of lube oil. As long as eight month trial test, there was no deterioration indication of lube oil mixture and no significant influence to the equipment operating performance. Badak LNG have decided to continue lube oil mixing.

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