The rubbing between static and moving parts of steam turbine is one of the frequent faults and difficult to diagnose accurately. In the high-speed rotation of steam turbine, if the clearance between the static and moving parts is too small, there is a possibility of rubbing accident, especially for the ends of LP steam turbine in a nuclear power plant, which will affect the safety operation of the steam turbine.

In this paper, the gland seal housing deformation of LP casing in 1000MW nuclear steam turbine is calculated and analyzed. Based on ProE and ANSYS/Workbench software, the 3D geometry model and the finite element mathematical model of LP inner casing of nuclear steam turbine are established, and the boundary conditions are determined at first. Secondly, the deformation of the gland seal housing at the LP casing end is calculated and analyzed under different conditions. Thirdly, the influence of different components temperature rise on the deformation of gland seal housing is analyzed.

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