In this study, research activity concerning the utilization of biogas into a commercial micro gas turbine (MGT) Ansaldo Turbec T100P is presented. The use of biogas in MGT has been already quite explored in literature. However, conflicting and not yet fully comprehensive results highlight the need for further scientific investigations. Although several authors have demonstrated, through numerical studies, the possibility of using biogas with amounts of CO2 up to 40–50% in volume in commercial MGT, experimental evidences of this condition are not yet present in literature. In fact, the CO2 concentration limit experimentally validated in literature, after which phenomena of detachment and instability of the flame happen, is considerably lower (∼12%). The utilization of biogas in micro gas turbines generally requires structural adaptations, often invasive and expensive, to the fuel compression unit and control valves. Not infrequently a partial redesign of the combustor is often necessary. Costs associated with the modifications significantly reduce the benefits of a rational and sustainable exploitation of energy resources of lower value as the biogas.

Aim of this activity is to overcome these issues, by identifying a non-invasive and cost-effective technical solution to increase the CO2 concentration in the fuel and to extend the operation domain when low calorific value fuels are used. It has been studied, implemented and tested an innovative management strategy of fuel feeding and combustion. Experimental layout and preliminary results of this novel approach are shown and discussed.

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