Five-axis machining is a key technology of blisk manufacturing process. Blisks generally require high accuracy due to their high performance and safety-critical conditions. However, recent research show that the design of the blisks and turbine blades are getting more complex and require even higher accuracy. This leads also to the application of wide and rare area of movement axes of the machine. Thus, the machine accuracy has to be assured within the overall machine volume. The geometric accuracy demonstrates the base accuracy of the machine. This paper presents a geometric calibration method optimized for the axes movement area of blisk machining process.

The accurate calibration of the five-axis machine tool is challenging and hardly possible due to limited error measurement of standard measurement devices. Some measurement methods enable complete calibration of the machine but with complex, time-consuming process and expensive measurement devices. Also, due to the rare axes travel, there is no standard calibration method for the blisk machining process.

The calibration method in this paper is developed based on so called ‘R-test’ method. The machine and the errors are modelled mathematically for the measurement. An adapter is applied for the measurement of maximum axis positions. Automation units are developed for the full machine integration and automation of calibration procedure. With the developed method, the machine is calibrated from 130 μm to 10 μm in maximum measurement time of 90 minutes. The calibration quality is validated at an independent measurement position with continuous movement of the five axes.

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