The aim of this study is to apply a Chebyshev polynomial approximation of the compressor map for dynamic modelling and control of centrifugal compressors. The results are compared to those from an approximation based on the third order polynomials and a compressor map derived from first principles. In the analysis of centrifugal compressors, a combination of dynamic conservation laws and static compressor map provides an insight into the surge phenomenon, whose avoidance remains one of the objectives of compressor control. The compressor maps based on the physical laws provide accurate results, but require a detailed knowledge about the properties of the system, such as the geometry of the compressor and gas quality. Third order polynomials are usually used as an approximation for the compressor map, providing simplified models at the expense of accuracy. Chebyshev polynomial approximation provides a trade-off between the accuracy of physical modelling with the ease of use provided by third order polynomial approximation.

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