A high precision eddy current sensor for tip clearance measurement was proposed to assess the dynamic tip clearance measurement for aero-engine rotator. Based on the Lenz’s law, the eddy current sensor has high sensitivity, quick response speed and strong anti-interference capability, in addition, the simple geometry and easy installation are its main merits. The aim is to study the influence of planar coil structure parameters and excitation signal parameters on the sensor coil measurement, provide the basis for design of practical sensor in turbine tip clearance measurement. The dynamic calibration experiment verified the designed planar sensor coil, the results indicated the sensor resolution was 10μm and the measurement range was not less than 3mm. The dynamic experiment proved the measuring range, resolution, response speed of designed sensor can meet the requirement of turbine blade tip clearance measurement. The work provides experience in eddy current sensor design in different application, not only in turbine. And the future work will focus on the high temperature issues.

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