A numerical study, based on experimental work of Inanli et al. [1] is conducted to understand the heat transfer characteristics of film cooled test plates that represent the gas turbine combustor liner cooling system. Film cooling tests are conducted by six different slot geometries and they are scaled-up model of real combustor liner. Three different blowing ratios are applied to six different geometries and surface cooling effectiveness is determined for each test condition by measuring the surface temperature distribution. Effects of geometrical and flow parameters on cooling effectiveness are investigated. In this study, Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) simulations are performed with different turbulence models. Effect of the turbulent Prandtl Number is also investigated in terms of heat transfer distribution along the measurement surface. For this purpose, turbulent Prandtl number is calculated with a correlation as a function of local surface temperature gradient and its effect also compared with the constant turbulent Prandtl numbers. Good agreement is obtained with two-layered kϵ with modified Turbulent Prandtl number.

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