The gas turbine market tends to drive development towards higher operational and fuel flexibility. In order to meet these requirements the GT13E21 combustion system with the AEV burner has been further developed to extend the range of fuels according to GE fuel capabilities.

The development includes operation with diluted natural gas, gases with very high C2+ contents up to liquefied petroleum gas on the gaseous fuels side and non-standard liquid fuels such as biodiesel and light crude oil. Results of full scale high pressure single burner combustion test in the test facilities at DLR-Köln are shown to demonstrate these capabilities. With these tests at typical pressure and temperature conditions safe operation ranges with respect to flame flashback and lean blow out were identified. In addition, the recent burner mapping at the DLR in Köln results in emission behavior similar to typical fuels as natural gas and fuel oil #2. It was also possible to achieve low emission levels with liquid fuels with a high fuel bound nitrogen content.

Based on these results the GT13E2 gas turbine has demonstrated capability with a high variety of gaseous and liquid fuel at power ranges of 200 MW and above. The fuels can be applied without specific engine adjustments or major hardware changes over a whole range of gas turbine operation including startup and GT acceleration.

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