In this work the implementation and validation of a finite-rate-chemistry (FRC) combustion model for ANSYS® CFX® 15.0 is presented. For the solution of the stiff system of species transport equations a splitting scheme is used where transport processes and chemical reactions are solved numerically in separate steps. In this splitting scheme the software Cantera is used for the integration of the chemistry sub-step. It is coupled via user-defined-functions (“USER-Fortran”) to ANSYS® CFX® 15.0. To provide validation data for this model under gas turbine relevant conditions, a down sized version of an industrial burner is investigated experimentally at different operating conditions and with different fuels. The burner is operated in a high-pressure combustion test rig with optical access at technically relevant pressures. Data for emissions of nitric oxide and carbon monoxide are obtained along with OH* chemiluminescence images of the flame. Additionally, investigations are made on the risk of flashback in this burner. The operating points are simulated using the FRC model developed in this work. It is demonstrated that this model approach can predict carbon monoxide and nitric oxide emissions very well, despite the simplistic treatment of turbulence-chemistry interaction. Moreover, it is shown that this model approach can also predict the onset of flashback: the change in flame shape, which is an indicator for flashback, can be well reproduced with this model.

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