Flexibility is key to the future success of natural gas fired power generation. As renewable energy sources continue their penetration of the global energy market, the need for reliable, flexible generation will increase. Gas turbines equipped with a fuel flexible combustion system allowing the capability to extend in-emissions-compliance turndown limit, will have a significant advantage supporting todays and future energy market demand. The FlameSheet™ combustor incorporates a novel dual zone burn system to address operational and fuel flexibility with low emissions and extended turndown. FlameSheet™ is simply retrofittable into existing installed E/F-class heavy duty gas turbines and is designed to meet the energy market drivers set forth above. The operating principle of the new combustor is briefly described, and details of implementation and extended validation results on two General Electric 7FA heavy duty gas turbines operating in a combined cycle power plant since 2015 with over 36,600hrs of uninterrupted commercial operation is discussed, with special focus on operational profile optimization to accommodate the heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), while substantially increasing the gas turbine normal operating load range. Emphasis is also provided on performance assessment, combustion and downstream hot gas path component inspection and durability assessment after 16,600 hours of operation in a 7FA gas turbine.

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