It is necessary to quantitatively resolve the flow field generated in compressors at various operating conditions including the surge. In this study, fast-responding pressure-sensitive-paint (PSP) and temperature-sensitive-paint (TSP) was applied to measurement of steady and unsteady pressure and temperature fields in a turbocharger compressor. The surface pressure of a compressor impeller and the diffuser downstream of the impeller was measured under the rotating speed of 133,000 rpm with various mass flow rate of the inlet. Blue LED strobes were used as the excitation light source for PSP/TSP. The luminescence from PSP/TSP were captured by a high-speed camera. These instruments were controlled using the signal synchronized with a fixed rotation angle of the impeller, which was detected using a gap sensor installed near the impeller. The pressure was calculated from the time-series of the PSP signal. The output of PSP/TSP was compared with the signal from semiconductor pressure transducers and the thermal image taken by an infrared camera. For the analysis of the diffuser, the power spectra of the pressure field were obtained using the fast Fourier transform of the time-series data of the pressure fluctuation. The pressure field on the impeller was successfully obtained with the aid of adequate temperature compensation by TSP. It was confirmed that the time-averaged pressure on the impeller blades increased as the inlet mass flow rate was decreased. Large-amplitude points were distributed on the extension line of the impeller blades in the diffuser when the surge occurs.

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