Experimental research about rotating inlet distortion is carried out on a two-stage compressor with emphasis on the compressor stability as well as the stall margin improvement with a kind of stall precursor-suppressed (SPS) casing treatment in this paper. The wire mesh screen is placed at the upstream of the IGV and can rotate at various speeds in co- and counter-direction of the compressor rotor to simulate the rotating inlet distortion in different levels. The results show that the rotating inlet distortion can deteriorate the compressor stall margin and the SPS casing treatment can extend the compressor stall margin (1.95%–7.90%) without additional efficiency loss. The pre-stall behavior of compressor is also analyzed to uncover the mechanism of the stall margin improvement with such casing treatment. Results show that casing treatment of this configuration can weaken the unsteady disturbances in compression system.

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