The combined diesel-electric and gas turbine (CODLAG) plant is a new type of ship power plant combining the advantages of electric propulsion system and mechanical propulsion system. The requires about ship power grid is lower than full electric propulsion mode, at the same time it can gain the quiet of electric propulsion in the low working conditions and increase the mobility of the ship in the high working conditions. Unlike traditional mechanical propulsion methods and forward-looking all-electric propulsion methods, the CODLAG plant has a coupling between mechanical propulsion and electric propulsion mode. The cooperative working characteristics of two different nature systems is still need further research.

For the in-depth research of CODLAG device’s characters, this study built a simulation model of CODLAG device based on Matlab/Simulink and C/C++ platform. A kind of torque-shaft speed double closed-loop control strategy based on PID was used on the CODLAG device. And the typical work condition of CODLAG, including merging, merging off and variable work condition, was simulated in this study.

Through the simulation, the dynamic response of main parameters at typical condition have been got. Then, characters of CODLAG device with CPP was simulated at variable condition. And the thrust response was compared with FPP’s. Through comparative analysis, the effectiveness of integrated simulation method specifying to CODLAG device was verified, and some useful conference was provided for the future research.

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