RT61 is a three-stage industrial power turbine which couples with industrial RB211-24GT gas generator. This power turbine was designed and developed by the turbomachinery group in Mount Vernon, Ohio. It was designed based on the 3-D vortex theory during the early 2000 for increased power output and efficiency. It was also designed for low weight with modular construction for ease in maintainability. The industrial RB211-GT61 product serves both oil & gas and power generation market.

Recent drop in crude oil prices has posed significant challenges to the oil & gas customers. To increase the profitability, the entire oil & gas industry (upstream, midstream, and downstream) is looking for opportunities to decrease the operating cost. This served as the main motivation for the life extension of the RT61 power turbine. In order to reduce customer life cycle cost, Siemens Energy, Inc., has extended the life of its most efficient power turbine from 50,000 hours to 100,000 hours.

This paper discusses the efforts taken in extending the meantime between overhaul lives of various RT61 industrial power turbine components from 50,000 hours to 100,000 hours. Measures taken to increase the reliability and minimize the product life cycle cost are presented. New coatings were incorporated for the stage 1 vane and blade for oxidation protection. The thermal characteristics of the power turbine were validated using a comprehensive thermocouple survey of the casings.

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