SFD (short for squeeze film damper) is a kind of passive vibration isolator widely used in rotor supporting structures of aero-engines for stabilization and vibration control. However, the conventional SFDs are highly nonlinear in terms of damping coefficient, which lead to complex response such as bitable state. In this paper, numerical simulations are carried out to investigate a new kind of SFD, elastic ring squeeze film damper (ERSFD). The elastic ring is modeled by FEM and the film is analyzed by CFD, the orifices on the ring is also included. An FSI approach is introduced to account for the influence of elastic ring’s deformation on oil film thickness. The Zwart-Gerber-Belamri model is included to account for air ingestion and cavitation in the damper land. The characteristics such as pressure distribution, oil film force and the deformation of the ring are obtained and compared with the results without FSI to reveal the self-adaptive mechanism of film thickness. The force coefficients for ERSFD are derived and gained by the FFT method. The dynamic coefficients for ERSFD versus whirl frequency are obtained and compared with corresponding air volume fraction.

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