When a gas turbine operates in a marine environment, gradual performance degradation occurs due to salt fog in the compressor and turbine. Regular water washing of a gas turbine can effectively restore the performance loss caused by compressor salt fog fouling on the flow passage. However, inappropriate washing will increase maintenance costs, cause unnecessary down time and premature erosion of leaf surfaces. In this paper, a coefficient matching method for a three shaft marine gas turbine salt fog fouling degradation factor model is proposed, which can establish a model of salt fog fouling degradation factor according to a change in operating time and exhaust temperature in the washing cycle. The influences of load, environment temperature, inlet pressure loss and salt fog fouling rate on the performance degradation of the gas turbine are simulated and analyzed; then, the degradation regularity of the performance parameters of the gas turbine under different operating conditions and fouling degrees is obtained. Finally, a method of operating cost estimation for marine gas turbines is proposed that can estimate the cost of transient change and cumulative change in the cleaning cycle caused by the salt fog fouling, which can help the operator to determine the cleaning strategy and reduce the operation cost of the gas turbine.

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