In this paper is carried out a comparison between a gas turbine power plant and a combined cycle power plant through exergetic and environmental indices in order to determine performance and sustainability aspects of a gas turbine and combined cycle plant. First of all, an exergetic analysis of the gas turbine and the combined is carried out then the exergetic and environmental indices are calculated for the gas turbine (case A) and the combined cycle (case B). The exergetic indices are exergetic efficiency, waste exergy ratio, exergy destruction factor, recoverable exergy ratio, environmental effect factor and exergetic sustainability. Besides, the environmental indices are global warming, smog formation and acid rain indices. In the case A, the two gas turbines generate 278.4 MW; whereas 415.19 MW of electricity power is generated by the combined cycle (case B). The results show that exergetic sustainability index for cases A and B are 0.02888 and 0.1058 respectively. The steam turbine cycle improves the overall efficiency, as well as, the reviewed exergetic indexes. Besides, the environmental indices of the gas turbines (case A) are lower than the combined cycle environmental indices (case B), since the combustion gases are only generated in the combustion chamber.

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