This paper provides an analysis of the Optimised Microturbine Solar Power generator (OMSoP) project, funded by the European Commission, as the most recent attempt to develop a dish and mGT Concentrated Solar Power generation system that is cost competitive against photovoltaics, at least in certain business cases. A first section presents the system and business cases along with other boundary conditions (technology levels) and locations of interest. Then, for each case, the specific installed costs assuming a production rate of 1000 units/year are presented as provided by the project partners. Cost reductions as high as 1000 €/kWe are possible through advanced technical specifications (for instance higher turbine inlet temperatures) and complex layouts (cycles including intercooling and reheat), thanks to a major impact on system efficiency and, hence, dish size.

From a techno-economic perspective, the OMSoP technology confirms the potential to become cost-competitive against photovoltaic systems in terms of the cost of electricity. This is discussed in the final section dedicated to project appraisal. The analysis, based on hourly simulations in order to account for offdesign performance, reveals that dish-mGT systems can make a case for certain applications despite having higher installation costs than PV panels. It is shown that under representative boundary conditions, i.e. not in any market worldwide, dish-mGT systems produce electricity at the same levelised cost as small photovoltaic installations (∼11 c€/kWhe).

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