A shrouded centrifugal compressor model stage used for 120,000 m3/h oxygen production air separation unit was designed and tested at several IGV stagger angles from −15° to +60° and machine Mach number from 0.97 to 0.5. Present research works aimed to assess the influence of the adjustable IGVs and the IGV modeling on the shrouded centrifugal compressor performance characteristics and inlet flow field and to explore the effect factors of the CFD prediction accuracy and compressor stability at different IGV stagger angles. The measured results show that the model stage with 0° IGV stagger angle yields almost the same stagnation pressure ratio performance as the stage-only model but at a lower peak isentropic efficiency. With an appropriate IGV stagger angle setting ranging from −15° to +30°, the compressor stability could be efficiently enhanced. Numerical studies indicate that a large IGV hub gap may lead to a significant lag effect on the flow angle generated by the inlet guide vanes when increasing the IGV stagger angle.

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