Three supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) power cycle experimental loops have been developed in Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) from 2013. As the first step, a 10 kWe-class simple un-recuperated Brayton power cycle experimental loop was designed and manufactured to test its feasibility. A 12.6 kWe hermetic turbine-alternator-compressor (TAC) unit which is composed of a centrifugal compressor, a radial turbine and the gas foil bearings was manufactured. The turbine inlet design temperature and pressure were 180 °C and 130 bar, respectively. Preliminary operation was successful at 30,000 RPM which all states of the cycle existed in the supercritical region. Second, a multi-purpose 1 kW-class test loop which operates as a transcritical cycle at a temperature of 200 °C was developed to concentrate on the characteristics of the cycle, control and stability issues of the cycle. A high-speed turbo-generator was developed which is composed of a radial turbine with a partial admission nozzle and the commercial oil-lubricated angular contact ball bearings. Finally, a 60 kWe-class Brayton cycle is being developed which is composed of two turbines and one compressor to utilize flue-gas waste heat. As the first phase of development, a turbo-generator which is composed of an axial turbine, a mechanical seal and the oil-lubricated tilting-pad bearings was designed and manufactured.

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