Compressors of gas turbine engines often operate under the conditions of uneven gas flow. Oscillations of the blades occur under the influence of circumferential flow unevenness.

The goal of the research was to find an acceptable method of reducing the level of dynamic stresses in the rotor blades. Motivation for the study was the problem of destruction of rotor blades of the last stage of Intermediate Pressure Compressor (IPC) which has been designed and produced at JSC “Kuznetsov” (Russia). The source of circumferential flow unevenness was middle annular frame located downstream the IPC. Seven struts with different maximum thickness are arranged irregularly in support passage.

The first approaches propose to reduce the dynamic stresses in blades by detuning the blades from the dangerous harmonic due to changes in their natural frequency.

The next two consist in reducing the circumferential unevenness of flow.

Thus, this study gives the ideas about methods of improving the dynamic strength of rotor blades of gas turbine engine compressors. On the basis of existing conditions (under development or existing compressor) it allows the selection of the most suitable method for reducing dynamic stresses.

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