The Watson Cogeneration Plant (WCP) is situated within Los Angeles Refinery Complex. A portion of generated power and steam is sent to Refinery. Major power producers are the combustion gas turbines, GE-made, Frame No 7, Model EA. These turbines are furnished with diffusion-type combustors which can burn mixture of treated refinery gas and natural gas from the pipe line. These combustors are capable of burning pure butane gas too, as required. The NOX control is achieved by injection of DE-NOX steam into the combustors. The Refinery change in processes was reflected in the refinery gas composition where the percentage of Hydrogen grew. Hydrogen combustion generates more NOX, at the same firing temperature and additional steam injection is necessary. During the years, since 1987, startup of WCP, steam demand from Refinery steadily grew. This Paper describes the efforts to curtail further DE-NOX demands and instead of additional DE-NOX steam, use water injection into gas turbine housing element called the “wrapper”.

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