It is becoming more apparent that to be able to fully understand the adverse pressure gradient boundary flow in general or downstream of reattachment it is needed to understand the relation between the upstream flow structures and the downstream flow structures. In this work the results for three different direct numerical simulations (DNS) of adverse pressure gradient (APG) flows are presented. The three cases have the same overall characteristics with respect to the imposed APG and the Reynolds number Reδ099 at the inlet. However, the first case has no additional perturbations imposed, in the second case the flow is tripped by a trip wire and in the third case a periodic wake is superimposed on the flow. The main points that are discussed are the spanwise spectra, two-dimensional correlations, and Reynolds stress budgets for the three different flow cases. Attention is in particular directed to a comparison between the three different cases.

The most important conclusion is that the flow downstream of reattachment is strongly correlated with the flow structures at transition for almost the whole numerical domain.

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