In recent years both linear and nonlinear frequency domain methods have become increasingly popular in the simulation and investigation of time-periodic flows in turbomachinery. In this work the extension of an alternating frequency/time domain Harmonic Balance method to support arbitrary inter-domain block interfaces, with possibly different frames of reference, is described in detail. The approach outlined is based on the time-domain, area-based interpolation algorithm originally developed for the investigation of casing treatments. In this paper, it is shown that by solving the domain coupling problem in the time-domain it is possible to accurately and efficiently capture the flow physics of such complex, nonlinear problems as blade tip interaction with casing treatments in transonic compressors. To demonstrate and verify the basic algorithm the advection of a simple entropy disturbance in a subsonic duct flow is first computed. Secondly, unsteady flow due to rotor-stator interaction in a transonic compressor stage is simulated and the data compared with reference numerical methods. Finally, to validate the method a single stage transonic axial compressor with casing treatments is simulated and the results are compared with previously published time-domain simulations as well as experimental data based on particle image velocimetry measurements in the blade tip region.

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