The results of the first booster stage tone noise numerical investigation for a model of low pressure compressor are presented. The investigation was performed using the frequency domain numerical method of multistage turbomachines tone noise simulation, developed in CIAM (Central Institute of Aviation Motors) and implemented in the 3DAS (3 Dimensional Acoustics Solver) in-house solver. The model under consideration included high bypass ratio fan, stator, booster and bypass duct. Calculation was performed at the approach operating conditions. Far field directivities for two tones in the forward hemisphere were obtained. One tone corresponded to the blade passing frequency of the first stage rotor, the other - to the sum of this frequency with the blade passing frequency of the fan. The results of the computation were compared with the experimental data obtained in the CIAM C-3A acoustic test facility. In general satisfactory correspondence between calculation and experiment was obtained.

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