Bursting, an irreversible failure in tube hydroforming (THF), results mainly from the local plastic instabilities that occur when the biaxial stresses imparted during the process exceed the forming limit strains of the material. To predict the burst pressure, Oyane’s and Brozzo’s decoupled ductile fracture criteria were implemented as user material models in a dynamic nonlinear commercial 3D finite element (FE) software, Ls-Dyna. THF of a round to V-shape was selected as a generic representative of an aerospace component for the FE simulations and experimental trials. To validate the simulation results, THF experiments up to bursting were carried out using Inconel 718 (IN 718) tubes with a thickness of 0.9 mm to measure the internal pressures during the process. When comparing the experimental and simulation results, the burst pressure predicated based on Oyane’s decoupled damage criterion was found to agree better with the measured data for IN 718 than Brozzo’s fracture criterion.

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