Advanced coating systems in conjunction with novel internal airfoil cooling configurations continue to be a critical research focus to provide enhanced oxidation protection and cooling of commercial metal alloys as future land-based gas turbines are being designed for inlet gas temperature operations of >1300–1400°C. With the application of densified oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) coatings on cast near surface embedded micro-channel (NSEMC) airfoil surfaces, improvements of >50–70% in heat removal capabilities are projected over that of conventional, smooth-channeled, internally-cooled, airfoil configurations. For turbine inlet and airfoil surface design temperatures exceeding 1400–1600°C, oxide-coated, silicon carbide-based ceramic matric composites (CMCs) have been developed. In this paper we will review our recent advancements that have been made with respect to ODS coating development and the oxidation stability of CMCs during bench-scale laboratory testing.

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