In this work, a continuous wave fiber laser welding system was used to deposit nickel-based superalloys Inconel 718 (IN 718) and Waspaloy using filler wire feed sources. The multi-bead and multi-layer deposits that were manufactured were characterized in terms of the macro- and microstructures, defects, and hardness in both the as-deposited and fully heat treated conditions. The tensile properties of the deposits in the heat treated condition were also determined and compared to the existing aerospace materials specifications. Using optimized laser processing parameters, high strength deposits could be manufactured, though minor weld metal liquation cracking for IN718 and strain-age cracking for Waspaloy were present, which compromised slightly the ductility as compared to wrought aerospace specifications for the two alloys. The successful development of the direct laser deposition process using wire feeding indicates the potential of employing the fiber laser technology to manufacture nickel-based superalloy aerospace components.

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