Advanced contacting seals, such as leaf seals or brush seals, can offer reduced leakage during engine operation when compared to conventional labyrinth seals. The flexible elements of these seals provide better compliance with the rotor during flight manoeuvres. The functionality and performance retention attributes of an engine-scale prototype leaf seal have been investigated on a seal test facility at Rolls-Royce that achieves engine-representative pressures and speeds and allows dynamic control of the seal position relative to the rotor, both concentric and eccentric. In this paper the experimental setup and the test method are described in detail, including the quantification of the measurement uncertainty developed to ASME standard PTC 19.1. Experimental data are presented that show the variations in leakage and torque over typical variations of the test parameters. Insight is gained into the interactions between the operating pressure and speed and the concentric and eccentric movements imposed on the seal.

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